Can I confirm I’m doing the right thing as completely new to sharepoint

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apologies on this but sharepoint is all new to me.


I’ve set up a group on sharepoint and the other users have  opened the group page on sharepoint and then opened the file and saved/closed. They have then clicked on the icon in an excel workbook  and opened the file but when the other person has opened it they are getting it read only. 

Am I right in saying that I have to share the file in excel too before I save in sharepoint.

when I share the file in excel the person gets the link but it’s opening in IE and doing nothing. They then copy and paste link in chrome and it works.


do they need to do anything else after that or do they then just click on the sharepoint icon on excel and then open file as normal?


Will other people be able to see amendments live when something done to the file. 

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@shreked Permissions depend on whether you have created a public group or private group. 


As far as sharing an excel file, when you share a file there are options to pick and choose access level. You can share read only access or grant recipient Edit access. Again it depends on how you shared it. 


If a direct link to file opens in browser and user wants to edit it in Desktop app, there will be an option to open the document in desktop app in top ribbon which says 'Viewing' or 'editing' selecting the drop down and select 'Open in Desktop app' . Here are some useful links to start with

Share SharePoint files or folders (

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