Can I boolean search the text within a large group of pdf/word documents within sharepoint?

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Hi there,


I would like to give a background to this question.

I run my own (very small) recruitment agency/staffing business so I have a large number of resume/cv documents.


I need to be able to boolean search the text within each of these 10-20'000+ pdf and word documents to find a long list of potentially suitable candidates when I am given a vacancy.


For example when I am given a job vacancy to work on for a client (e.g. they are looking for Microsoft Stack Developer with Sharepoint and some sort of business intelligence experience) I might boolean search the following...


Sharepoint AND (C# OR .Net) AND ("business intelligence OR "power bi" OR power* OR tableau) AND (developer OR programmer or "software engineer")


I would then be given a list of the documents that match these criteria so that I can read/review them.


So my question is are you aware of any solution within Sharepoint that could provide this function for me please?


Any response/suggestion is greatly appreciated!


Many thanks and warmest regards


Tom :)

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@TomJJA my immediate reaction is that an app in Power Apps, linked to one or more SharePoint lists or libraries, could possibly do what you want. Over the weekend I'll see if I can come up with a simple solution that you could then work on to scale up to the volume of docs you've got. No guarantees though.


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@RobElliottDid you ever come up with a solution? We'd love to implement something like this as well.