Can I add an icon to a page header?

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I have a page with a list of pages that people can go to. When they click on the page, how do I get the individual page to include the matching icon from the list on the page header?

Page with list:


Here is the Biller page where I'll have a document library. I would like to add the same Biller icon on the list page here so they tie in together.


TIA for any help provided!

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Hello @LopaAtl 


per default it's not possible at the moment.


Best, Dave

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@LopaAtl Unfortunately, you cannot do it using SharePoint default page header.


Here are 2 workarounds you can try:


1. Use emoji instead of image icon:

  1. Edit the site page
  2. Click near page title text box area
  3. Press Windows + . (period) to open emoji pane
  4. Add emoji as per your requirements 




2. Hide default page header and add page title using SharePoint web parts

  1. Create a blank site page without page header and title by following: SharePoint Online: Create a blank page without header & title 
  2. Add a section with one column layout at the top of site page
  3. Add Text web part inside the page section
  4. Add image and page title text inside text web part - format the image (move/drag, resize, etc.) and change font size of page title text as per your requirements
  5. You can add other web parts on page as per your requirements and publish/republish the page.



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Thank you @ganeshsanap for your help. The 2nd option is what I was looking for. I appreciate your help.