Can attack malware at GPS System of Car?

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Hello, My self Brick Lim and i am from Singapore. I am working as Engineer at  Wheels Warrior since 2015. We provide the fully satisfaction car workshop in Singapore.

My concern basically is some of our customer visit at our workshop with GPS issues. 

Please resolve my concern!


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I am also very curious about a situation like this, suppose we are on a hike day with a GPS watch, and someone can manipulate it, then it could be a nightmare. is there really a possibility that an outdoor ABC GPS watch can be malware attacked?

Hi @Wheelswarrior
I mean remeber the rule "No system is safe". I guess its possible.
You can ofc change a gps signal.
On Android for example there are even apps there for (1)
But tbh I don't think the car got hacked.
You should firstly check if your mobile has in the same location problems with gps (To see if its a local problem), if not you should take the GPS Sensor and check it. Otherwise build a new one in and try it again.
Maybe this helps you.
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Hi @Rathor_g ,
I mean if your device has any sort of internet connections everything is possible, find out more here: