Can a workflow be used to update a calender from an existing custom list? and how to do it!

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Help! SOS! Core blimey this shouldn't be this hard!


Hi all, I've been challenged with creating a calendar in SharePoint that can be ported / viewed in outlook (by the rest of the business) but the appointments in the calendar need to be generated by my custom list which hold the required data.


Now the Calendar view I used from the list is perfect and if I could get that linked and working in outlook that would be the dream!..... However the export to outlook is greyed out (And changing site permissions has not resolved it no using an alternate browser = this resulted in a string of expletives) So I then tried using an overlay calendar and pulling the list data in while this again looks great in SharePoint then I export it to outlook.... and it doesn't take the information with it..... (facepalm)


So my next thought is can we crate a workflow that once an item in the list is updated/ created information is added to an event or updates an existing event? or is there an even simpler way that I'm just not aware of?


Ideally I 'd like to do it all using out of the box software but I'm willing to learn to code it in if it gives me what I want/ need


thanks again





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You could use flow to update a Shared Calendar, but it's going to be a lot of work to include all the what if's that pop up regarding meeting changes etc.

As for the Outlook sync, it doesn't support Mac, so if your trying to do from Mac that would be why.

I guess the first question is, why use SharePoint in the first place? Just use an Outlook Calendar on a Shared Mailbox or what not? What are the full requirements I guess with the whole list having the data thing.

Hi Christopher,

You hit the nail on the head! all the information is contained in the list which is updated every 15 minutes.

So I need the calendar to dynamically move as the data updates - I know this works as the list view calendar proves it however to make the leap to outlook I need have something that scrapes the list data and updates the calendar.


For reference these are not appointments that people join more events in time that need to be viewed on a calendar with in outlook.


Question can use the URL to import the list calendar view into outlook.


I'm using SharePoint as I want to use a uniform tool which is used across the business without the need for purchasing additional software. I have time and man-power unfortunately not money :'(