Can a SharePoint list filter webpart be connected to a SharePoint Calendar webpart

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I have created a SharePoint calendar and have added the webpart to a page.   I have created and configured a list filter webpart but the connection options are grayed out.  I don't want to spend anymore time on this if it's not something that can be done.


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If the options are greyed out is because there is not a suitable WebPart in the page to connect with the source WebPart

@Juan Carlos González MartínWhich is why I asked the question.   Everything I have seen indicates that it is possible to connect the two WebParts so I need to figure out why it doesn't like it.

@BejeweledOne, I was trying to accomplish the same thing with my Event calendar. On my page I had two Event Webparts, one with a Calendar format view and one with a standard list view.

I found that the List Filter Webpart could "see" and connect to the Webpart that had a standard list view but could not see the other.

I then changed the View of the first to be a single Calendar view vs. a Calendar with Overlays. It did not make a difference. It appears that the filter just doesn't support the Calendar style views - which is a ridiculous limitation IMHO. It is more likely you'd want to filter an Event list in a Calendar view.

I did find reference to another JScript based filtering solution though here which is a bit complex but you may find it useful.