Can a SharePoint Document Library Be Created without a OneDrive Folder?

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Can a SharePoint Document Library Be Created without a OneDrive Folder? 


It seems like a communication page does not make an accompanying OneDrive folder. Can anyone confirm?


I want to use the check in check out features of the document library without the risk of the files being changed in an underlying OneDrive location.





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@CMims You can create a document library in a different SharePoint site that you have access to. Typically orgs will have at least one "sandbox" type site that they let people fiddle around with, you could probably request one from a SharePoint admin if it does not already exist. 

So far my testing has shown that OneDrive files are made when a SharePoint document library is made. Are you suggesting that I make another site that isn't tied to my team's current library/OneDrive/site so that there would not be accessible OneDrive? 

Thanks @christinepayton. I am requesting a sandbox for testing.

I'm suggesting if you want to check out features of a document library or pages, that you do so in a sandbox site. That way you don't have to worry about people stumbling on things you're fiddling with when they are looking for real content. It's just a personal preference.

I'm unsure what you mean by communication pages making OneDrive folders - communication sites do not exist in OneDrive and are unrelated other than both being SharePoint sites. Typically pages libraries do not use folders, but they can be enabled there.

OneDrive is your personal document library/site. You would not be able to create an additional library in OneDrive, but you could create one in a SharePoint site if you had permission in one. SharePoint sites can hold thousands of document libraries.