Can a SharePoint alert be applied to and work for a specific file that is located inside a folder?


I have a user that is setting up alerts (and receiving the confirmation that the alert is set up) but then is not receiving the actual alert notifications.


The alert is set up for a specific file that is located in a folder for a library. Is is possible that the alerts don't work when the file is inside a folder? I have moved the file out of the folder and tested to find that I receive the notification and, then, moved it back into a folder after which I do not receive the notification. I also noticed that each time a create an alert for the file, when I check the User Alerts log via Site Settings, I see 2 entries...2 alert instances...for the one file. If I delete one of them, they both disappear.


So I am beginning to think that alerts just don't work right when the file for which the alert is created is located inside a folder.  But, I would like my hunch to be confirmed or, if I'm wrong, I need help to get it to work right.


Thank you.

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