Can a link on the navigation pane in SharePoint be limited based on permissions?


Been searching all over the net and coming across some questions that I simply cannot find answers to and hoping someone can help....
To keep them straight I will post each individually, so if it is solved it can be marked as such and not stop help on the others.
- Question - We have a few sites and would like to put links to some of the relevant ones on the navigation of what we will be using as the "main" page.  Some side projects warranted separate sites due to extensity of project.  I know when you click on the link, if you are not a member or otherwise not set on the site you are going to, you will not be able to open it.  However, any way to prevent people from not seeing something they don't have access to?  I.E. a permissions on the links themselves?  

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SharePoint menus cannot be personalised or security trimmed; in other words, everybody sees the same menu items regardless of their identity, location, or permissions / security settings.

The only thing I can imagine is breaking the Site Pages list, so you should give permissions at the item level.


Or a custom SPFx extension 

@AOSPWB Links can be TARGETED to different audiences - so that you won't see the link if you don't have access to the content associated with the link, but "human added" links cannot be security-trimmed. In other words, you can get the outcome you are looking for, but in a different way. See: Target navigation, news, files, links, and web parts to specific audiences ( to learn more.