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I'm trying to add a calendar webpart to a SPO page.  I know I can create a calendar under site contents and link it to the events webpart, but I really need a classic calendar look so it's easy to see at a glance what is going on.


I know I can add a group calendar, but that's not really what we need.


Also, I tried using the embed webpart to embed the URL of a calendar, but the embed webpart is not large enough to fit the whole calendar and there doesn't seem to be any way to resize it.


Is it possible to add a plain jane calendar (not group calendar) somehow?

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Unfortunately, Microsoft does not provide a Calendar View WebPart as you mention here so your choice is to take a look at GitHub where there are some good examples of Calendar WebParts that might help you
The calendar view for Lists is rolling out now. If you a list with date fields, you will be able to create a “modern” calendar view.

@Susan Hanley What are the steps to deploy it?

Nothing to deploy. When it is available in your tenant, you should be able to create a Calendar view of a custom list with a date. See this blog post for more information:

@Susan Hanley Just started seeing the modern calendar view in my tenant and am loving it!


Do you know, though, if they also have plans to have a web part option for this? Right now it is either "events" with two web part view options (they are nice, but they are not a calendar), and a list that has dates and a calendar view does not have the option to display as a calendar in the web part for the list. Feels like we are *almost* there, but not quite. :)

I don't know the answer to your question, but I'll do some homework to find out. In addition to wanting the calendar view in a web part, I also want to be able to filter the items that show up in the calendar view - and that is not possible today either. So I agree - so close, but ...

@Susan Hanley Thanks, Sue! Much appreciated!


There is no SharePoint OOTB webpart available to show as a Calendar on modern pages.


But, there are some SPFx samples available for calendar on GitHub. You can use them as it is or you can download and enhance them as per your requirement. You will need development/coding skills for this. Check below references:

  1. js-modern-calendar 
  2. react-calendar 

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Here's what I learned: Calendar view in the web part is planned - but no timing available yet.

@Susan Hanley Thank you, Sue! As always, you rock! :)