Calendar export to Excel-only can do current month

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I need to export the calendar (SharePoint 2016 modern view) for the year.  when i made this calendar i remember tweaking a few things but it was so long ago i cannot remember what.  There are 10 calendars in view but i have no way that i can see to export them all at once. when i'm viewing all i can only see the "browse" option at the top left.  i need to select one of the 10 calendars to get the "calendar" choice so i can export to excel.  and then it will only export the current month no matter what month i cam viewing. Can anyone please help?  

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@KeepAtIt365 If you trying to get the details of calendar exported I will recommend using the All items view. something like this: Lists/Events/AllItems.aspx




Then put your filtering criteria and then try to export excel. This will solve your problem.


hopefully this help!




Replying to myself since I got some help to figure this out. Apparently you have to click within the calendar to activate the "all items" view.  then go to "create view" and make another one from there.  this was the only thing that worked for me.

i tried this but it's still not working. we use a SP calendar for our internal comms editorial calendar and i have a view for late requests. i need to export all late requests from Q1 but no matter what i try, it only exports this month. anyone have any advice?