calculated Email column

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i'm trying to set a calculated Email column

When i set this formula to concatenate from First Nam & Name it works perfectly

=[First Name]&""&NAME&"@"&"somedomain.some"

The problem is one user have her email in a different format and cannot use the previous formula

Can i use an IF function ?

I try this but i'm newbie and can't get it to it possible ?

=IF([First Name]="Ash","email address",""","
(IF[First Name]&""&NAME&"@"&"somedomain.some""))


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The syntax is like this :) 

=IF([First Name]="Ash","HerEmail",[First Name]&""&NAME&"@"&"somedomain.some")


If it's her name then set her email, else set the whats inputed :) 


Syntax is the same as in Excel:

=IF( condition1 , IF( condition2, TRUE , FALSE) , IF( condition3, TRUE , FALSE) )
Perfect ! Works like a charm

thx NicolasKheirallah
Another question
Can i have multile IF statment
Suppose that i have 1 more or other users that need special synthax ?

I tried this and seems to work for multiple exeption

=IF([First Name]="Ash","HerEmail",IF([First Name]="Carol Ann","HerEmail",[First Name]&""&NAME&"@"&"somedomain.come"))

Yes exactly! It becomes basicly nested in each other. :) You can also do as I wrote in the example above!

Final question...
Suppose i wand to remove a special french character from her name example: "É" and replace it with no accent "E" in HerEnail address ?
=REPLACE([YourColumnname],FIND("É",[YourColumnname]),1," E ") Should do it :)