Calculated column w/ IF condition not showing the false value

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Good day everyone,


I'm trying to create a calculated money column which looks another column to find and specific text and if is TRUE is gonna be the value of another money column already created and if FALSE it must be $0.00.


Here the query: =IF(FIND("B11",NCF),[Col1],0)


When false is throwing me #¡VALOR!


Please can somebody help?

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Hi @Byking23 - I just got this to work in my dev environment:








Hi Kelly,

The thing here is that is a text field and it doesn't have the specific text i compared. That's why i place the fuction FIND because the text has B1100005486 and im tryna find the B11 in the entire text as the fuction CONTAINS. If the item contains B11 in this field it must have the value of a column im gonna set, if no $0.00.

Got it?

If the "false result" is throwing an error, then you're using wrong a data type for your false value, corresponding to your target column.
0 is a number (col), "0" is a string/text.

@Byking23 Try using formula like this: 







  1. Sometimes comma( , ) does not work in formula (it is based on language or regional settings on your site). So in that case use semicolon( ; ) instead of comma( , ).
  2. Use correct display name of your SharePoint columns in above formula.
  3. Wrap column names inside [] if your column name has space in it. For example: [My Column Name].

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