Calculated column showing number of days between dates

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I want a column that shows the number of days between a date thats in another field and todays date. I tried with this =floor((Number([Datefield])-Number(@now))/(1000*60*60*24)), but it failed. Any ideas?



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@Tonje Waasjø you can use the DATEDIF function =DATEDIF(TODAY(),Expiry,"D")






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Thank you for your answer Rob. When I paste this in, I get a syntax error message. I just change the name of the column. =DATEDIF(TODAY(),Sluttdato,"D")

@Tonje Waasjø 
go for this:

it will give you overdue days in negative days.
it will give you the overdue days in days.

This on worked for me.
Shows the number of day left for column date.