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I'm new to SharePoint. I have created a list which has normal fields and a calculated field. 


The calculated field returns the results once teh form is submitted. However i wan to review the result of teh calculated field and submit the form.


I tried adding these field in the form at last, however the calculated field return nothing but blank always while adding an item.  Post adding the item, it is displaying the results in the lists.


How can i preview the results while adding a new item itself and review teh results.


By the way i.m using sharepoint 2010 and sharepoint designer 2013 and infopath designer and filler 2013

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@hk11111 A calculated field is always calculated at the time the item is saved, you can't preview it. Once yu move onto SharePoint Online and customised Power Apps forms that will allow you to view the calculation before you save, but I don't know of a way to do it with the older versions of SharePoint you are using.


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@RobElliott thank you for your reply. Yes we can view the calculation before submitting the form in power apps. However i couldn't find a way in sharepoint 2010.