Calculated Column Issue

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I have a calculated column in a list as below;


=IF([Slope (%)]>"90","PASS","FAIL")


It works except for when the result is 100 - now it should say PASS as 100 is greater than 90 but it shows as FAIL.


Any ideas why it's doing this and how I can sort it?

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@RRMX01 If the data type of your [Slope (%)] column is Single line of text then your formula will fails as you are comparing text in your formula.


Solution 1: If you want to continue using single line of text for Slope %, use below formula for calculated column:


=IF(Value([Slope (%)]) > 90, "PASS", "FAIL")




Solution 2: Use Number data type for Slope (%) column & use below formula:


=IF([Slope (%)] > 90, "PASS", "FAIL")


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