Calculated Column in SharePoint List with different TimeZone

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I'm using a Calculation in a new column with just NOW() formula but I'm always getting the wrong time zone with 8 hours less.

I already change the settings in the Site as well as in my Profile to UTC but it didn't solve this problem.

For now the workaround was used was just to add 8 hours (8/24) to the date, but I would like to avoid that.


Is there any other setting I should look at to be able to get the correct timezone for the NOW() formula?


Note: The goal is not to just use the NOW() formula in the Calculation (so it's not useful to use the Modified column), I'm just explaining the main issue which is related 

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Hello @pedroamaro 


strange, i have created a new site with PST, now() will be showing the pst format, after set the regional settings in the site settings to utc +1, the correct time will be show.



The current site setting are the reference for this formula (=NOW()). Pls check the settings above.


Best, Dave

Hi @David Mehr, thanks for you answer.


Yes, as I said in the post, I already changed the regional settings at the site level, as well my profile regional settings to UTC and I'm still getting the same 8 hours less. I don't know any other setting that I could change. Perhaps I will try to create a ticket to Microsoft to understand this strange behavior.


Thank you,


hi Pedro,
mind to share what is the root cause causing it ?

@sin peow 5 I didn't get a solution for it (didn't create a Microsoft ticket yet because lack of time), I just added 8 hours to the date to make sure it is in the time zone I need. It's a dirty solution, but at least it works.