Calculated Column in Doc Library Not Working

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I have created a document library and a SP list that has all the same columns. In both, each has a calculated column [Cost Unit (Auto)] based on the output of another column [Cost Center]. 


For example:  When I selected "55 IT" for [Cost Center] the calculated column [Cost Unit (Auto)] should output "400 Admin". 


It works for the SP List but not in Doc Library. 



Doc Library using Calculated Column [Cost Unit (Auto) Output "No"



I applied the same syntax from the calculated column in my List to the Doc Library, I assume it wouldn't need to be any different?


My route was to go with a SP list, but the users would need to add attachment to each item in Form view not making it as efficient. This is why I created a doc library to test a work around but had a problem with the calculated column. Bummed me out! 


Any help would greatly be appreciated!




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