Calculated column error

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I created a SharePoint list with a Choice column for EDUCATION, IEP, and SCHOOL REPORTA. There are two choices for each of the three of the columns:  Completed or Not Completer. I then created this formula for a calculated column as a means to filter the results to no avail. If all three columns are Completed, I get an OK read. But for any columns in the list that read Not Completed, I get a No. I can only filter the OK conditions but get zilch when I try to filter the No's, which actually should read Not OK. 


=IF(Education="Completed",+IF(IEP="Completed",+IF([School Reports]="Completed","OK","Not OK")))


I don't understand why the the word "No" displays instead of No OK. I guess SharePoint List do not support this type of function. Is there VGA or some other code I need instead? Or should I just stick to Excel? 

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@Rexter You're close!    Try this: 



=IF(AND(Education="Completed",IEP="Completed",[School Reports]="Completed"),"OK","Not OK")





Here's a great resource for SharePoint calculated columns.