Calculate Hours Worked for Volunteering

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Not sure if this will be the appropriate source to capture this information so suggestion welcomed.

The source of capture I'm hoping to use is SharePoint.
The scenario is:-

We have a scheme that allow employees to work, a max of 7.5 hours, to carryout Volunteering either external or internal of the organisation.

For request I'm using MS Forms
Approval by manager is via Power Automate
Details are captured in a SharePoint list

The issue is how to capture the time used for the volunteering.  They can spread the 7.5 hours across multiple days a multiple durations.  But once they have reached they 7.5 limit they can not request further hours until the reset point.  

The hours requested is part of the MS Form and is a required field

So how, once they have reached 7.5hrs can I stop them from requesting further hours??? 

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@Chris_Clark1968 there is nothing in Forms that will stop them requesting further hours. You can email them back as part of the flow to say it's not been accepted. But I don't really think that's a very slick way of doing it. If they are all in your organisation I would consider doing it with Power Automate where you would be able to prevent them requesting more hours if their current total for the period has reached 7.5. They would see their hours on screen and the submit button would only be enabled if their hours were less than 7.5.


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Thanks for your reply.

Just to confirm do you mean Power Automate or PowerApp?

I'm trying to keep it simple and was hoping that I could do the calculation in SharePoint?
A common denominator would be the requesters email so was hoping to use this in a formula some how so when it reaches the 7.5 mark it would send an email to requestor and manager, but then somehow reset to 0 after the allotted period.

Or would the Powerapp route be the only viable way??