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I have two columns in a SP list. One is called 'Date Started' and the other one is called 'Date Ended'. I would like to calculate the difference in days. The problem I am facing is that the 'Date Ended' column has a timestamp whilst the other column does not. I only want to know the amount of days passed and dont need anything with the timestamp really.



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Hi @alan32563 ,


You can create calculated column and use the below formula.



Hope it helps.




Hi thanks for this - I have tried this and it hasnt worked. It gives me an error in the syntax.


Here is an example from my data (also I am from the UK so the date format is different)


Date Started: 09/12/2023 12:45 

Date Ended: 12/12/2023


Total days taken : 3 

@alan32563 I believe this formula works even with different time format. If possible, can you please share a screenshot of formula and error?