Calcualted column is returning "#Name?"

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I have the following formula for a single line of text Calculated column named ShowInApp:-


IF(OR(Status="Inactive",ISBLANK(Status)),"Hide",IF(FIND("Pending",[Category]),"Hide",IF(FIND("Monitoring And Evaluation Plan",[Category]),"Hide","Show")))

but on some cases i will get #Name? or #VALUE!, as follow:-



Any Advice? Thanks

In short i want to set the calculated column to Hide , if any of the following is true:-

  1. Status is blank
  2. Status = inactive
  3. Category contain the word Pending
  4. Category contain "Monitoring And Evaluation Plan"

Else to set the calculated column to Show...

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@john john If the Category column is a choice column you can simplify the formula to:

=IF(OR(Category="Pending",Category="Monitoring And Evaluation Plan",Status="Inactive",ISBLANK(Status)),"Hide","Show")


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@john john Try using this formula in case you want to use "contain" conditions for Category column instead of "equal to": 



        [Status] = "Inactive",
        NOT(ISERROR(FIND("Pending", [Category]))),
            NOT(ISERROR(FIND("Monitoring And Evaluation Plan", [Category]))), "Hide", "Show"



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