Caching of Images on Pages

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I'm new to Sharepoint and have hit a problem with caching of images on pages....


Here's the scenario I'm facing.


  • I have a Sharepoint Online site which has a document library containing some images. e.g. image1.jpg, image2.jpg etc etc

  • These images get updated each day but the filenames remain the same

  • I have static pages within my site that have these images embedded but when I come to view those pages they contain what appears to be cached versions of the images. When I press CTRL + F5 in Chrome the page loads and the images appear as I expect.


How can I force the latest version of these images to appear without the need to do CTRL + F5 each time I navigate to the page? Perhaps there's some way to switch off caching?


Any help is greatly appreciated!





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@Graeme_Johnson  I have the same issue, we are adding images of reports showing statistics and they don't show the newest images due to caching, I am thinking the only way to fix is to create a power Automate or add section to delete the files and drop them with different filename such as file_20230105.png timestamp so browser loads newer files...