Building Documentation on Site Pages rather than Using Documents in a Document Library

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We are in the process of planning a migration from a SP2010 site to SPO. Our current site was built to house/surface documentation for our phone representatives and other service representatives to find instructions for how to use systems, open/service accounts, access scripts, etc. We are currently considering converting all of our documentation (word docs, PDFs, etc.) to modern site pages, mainly to modernize the look of the manuals/procedures for the end-users. We'd also build pages for each product and pull in the site pages library filtered by "Product" metadata to surface the associated pages for each product. End-users would not be interacting with the library itself in site contents.


Is anyone currently using site pages for documentation rather than traditional documents? If so, I'd love to hear your about your experience and if you've encountered any issues with this setup.


Here are the concerns we've come up with so far:

  1. Document ID services not available on site pages so if a site page name (not title) changes, the link will break.
  2. When documents come up for review, we can send them to the subject-matter expert in Review mode so they can make updates and send back. Changes can be accepted/rejected and the document can be republished easily. We wouldn't ask SMEs to make changes to site pages so the review process could be very cumbersome.

Anything else we should consider?


I really like the idea of a wiki library for our purposes but I'm concerned that MS is moving away from wikis and won't be supporting/updating them in the future. If anyone has any solid information on this, that would be great as well.



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