Building a Global Cryptocurrency Payment Platform with Microsoft Azure

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 Many developers are interested in creating a cryptocurrency payment platform that can be used by numerous individuals globally. But this can be quite challenging to achieve. However, with the help of Microsoft Azure, the task can be a lot easier and more efficient.
Nevertheless, there are many things you need to know about this cloud tool. What is Microsoft Azure? How does this excellent platform help in building a global cryptocurrency payment platform? What are the benefits the tool provides?


What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is the cloud platform of Microsoft that features a wide range of products and cloud services. These products and services play a key role in assisting numerous businesses to deal with a wide range of challenges. Microsoft Azure offers all the frameworks and tools that can be utilized for building, operating, and managing applications on various clouds. Microsoft Azure allows businesses to use managed database service capabilities, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and other tools to build various applications.

Due to its amazing features, Microsoft Azure is one of the best tools often used for creating global cryptocurrency payment platforms. This is because of the many features that this cloud platform comes with.


How does Microsoft Azure help with building a global cryptocurrency payment platform?


Microsoft Azure provides numerous solutions to create a  cryptocurrency exchange or payment platform in the following ways.

  • Developing and hosting the platform: When it comes to developing, hosting, and managing a cryptocurrency payment platform, you can rely on Azure to get the needed support. The patch, AutoScale, and integration from Microsoft Azure ensure that the platform is adaptive and autonomous. By using the Automatic patch management of Azure, you will not have to spend lots of hours managing the infrastructure that the platform requires.
    In addition, developers can get continuous deployment support from Microsoft Azure. Hence, they can easily and quickly handle ongoing code updates. They don’t have to waste time on deployment as Microsoft’s cloud platform will handle it for them.
    Another way through which Azure helps with developing and hosting a cryptocurrency payment platform is that it streamlines the client’s resources to suit the traffic. Azure’s AutoScale will provide the resources needed during the peak period. But during the off-peak period, it will reduce the use of resources to save money.
  • Managing disaster recovery
    Microsoft Azure also provides tools that can help to back up the data of a global cryptocurrency payment platform. This is because Microsoft’s cloud platform is flexible and has advanced site recovery and integration features.
    Azure can back up the data of your payment platform from any location, on any operating system, and in any language. In addition, this platform makes it easy for you to schedule your backup – daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and lots more.
    Also, if developers are using tape backup for backing up their data, they will experience some restrictions. Tape backup can hardly work alone. However, Azure can give it the needed support to manage your data effectively and aid disaster recovery. It offers minimal on-site maintenance, offsite replication, data retention, and lots more. 
    Azure stores the data of your cryptocurrency payment platform in different places. Three copies of the data are kept in the onsite data center with extra three copies stored in a remote data center of Azure. Besides, Azure does all these things with little or no capital investment or operational cost.
  • Testing
    After developing a global cryptocurrency payment platform, developers cannot just go ahead to launch it for end-users to start utilizing. There is a need to test it. This helps the developers to know any issue that the platform may have; hence, they can deal with it before releasing it to end-users. Again, Azure can come in handy as it can be used as a testing platform for developers.
    It is noteworthy that Azure is an open-source platform. Therefore, developers have the freedom of developing the terms of testing their cryptocurrency payment platform. With the help of the tool, developers can deploy their app/website the way they want it to function.
  • Security, compliance, and regulatory issues
    To operate a global cryptocurrency payment platform, developers need to be aware of the potential security, compliance, and regulatory issues. Fortunately, Azure has a seasoned engineering team that can handle all these issues. Regardless of the country of operation, Microsoft Azure will make it easy for cryptocurrency payment platforms to run seamlessly. By using this powerful cloud platform, developers don’t have to worry about them as they build their platforms.

So, if you are trying to build and operate a global cryptocurrency payment platform, you can always rely on Microsoft Azure to assist you. It provides the cloud tools and frameworks to solve various problems associated with building apps and websites.



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