Build a quiz/survey using SharePoint & Power Apps, which allow none-IT people to create questions

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I want to build a Quiz/Survey app using Power apps and SharePoint, as follow:-

1) We want admin users (none technical people) to be able to create questions and answers.
2) users will be answering the questions.
3) questions can have those types:-

- Free Text.
- Radio Buttons
- Checkboxes
- Yes/No

now i found this link @ .. but the only issue is that if we want to add additional questions or answers, then the user will have to modify the Power Apps. while we need things to happen on SharePoint list side, so non-IT people can add question and their answers. any advice?


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@john john yes this is certainly possible. It's a bit fiddly but not too difficult and I've done an example this afternoon in the attached video. Basically it's just a gallery of the questions on the left from a SharePoint list, and on the right are 2 forms, one (hidden) has the selected list item, the other is for the answers and it compares the answer entered/selected with the answer in the question form.


Your admins won't need to interact with Power Apps at all, just add questions and answers into the first list. 


Each answer submitted by a user in the Power Apps app is saved in another list and marks it correct if it matches the answer in the first list. If that's the sort of thing you want I will do a detailed how-to.


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