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Hello i would like to create a sharepoint site with many images in the cover screen

At click of each of this image i can navigate into specific part of the site.

How can i do this ?
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You can use Image web part in SharePoint online. You can provide link to pages (or other specific parts as you want) within site on the images like below:


86746861-6fd2-42cc-be86-24d59f72c537On click of images, user will be redirected to respective link. You can also check Hero web part if it works for you.

Microsoft documentations

  1. Use the Image web part 
  2. Use the Hero web part 
  3. Add sections and columns on a SharePoint modern page 

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@gennarodp1990 whenever I want to do this on my sites I use a Quick Links web part and set the layout to Grid. This way it picks up the main image on the page you are linking to and creates quite a nice tile:



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