Build a list to get approval from up to 38 members

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Hey guys,


I'm facing an issue creating a list that content 38 members because the lookup limitation is 12.


Is there a solution or workaround to avoid this issue?

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No way to avoid this limit...can you share more details on what you are trying to do?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

@Dwight Goins  Ok, I have a form that need to be approved by maximum of 38 dynamic members, I did make the view has a maximum of 11 lookup columns and hide the rest of them to avoid the error. However, when I build the PowerApps form I face the same error because the lookup are more than 11 even though I hid them in the sharepoint list.


Also, the approvers are dynamically chosen, so I have to choose 38 out of more than a 1000 member. so it's easier to keep it Person and group field so I just type their name.


Please let me know if you have different ideas to go through the process.