Bug/issue with modern news thumbnail if team site has header image

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I'm experiencing a rather strange issue with modern team news. I have this issue on two different O365 tenants. 


When a team site has a header image - the news thumbnail will render the site header image, not an image from the news post. 


This is the news web part - the news item thumbnail is the same image as the site header:





Even though the news item looks like this:



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Hi Edvard,


Could you please provide some more details on this one? Is the site you are seeing this on a classic team site or a modern team site? Do you see the same thumbnail generated for all the news on that site?



Hi Alina,


  • I think it's a classic team site (there is no O365 group created along with the team site)
  • Yes, all news items get the same thumbnail

If i temporarily remove the header image, post my news item, then reapply the header image. I get the desired result. 

Thanks for reporting this, Edvard! We will look into this.

I have the same issue. The Thumbnail is a bit random.


Do we have any news on this matter?

We cannot specify the thumbnail image,  it is decided for us by Sharepoint - this is a real problem for content managers !!

i.e.  Sharepoint will automatically set the thumbnail image based upon the 'first' custom image it finds in the news article.  So if I use a custom header image it will pick that for the thumbnail too.

This is a real problem because quite often we need to select different images because of the difference in aspect ratio.  i.e. What works at thumbnail ratio doesn't work at super-wide ratio in the header.


SEE example attached - [Thumbnail and header]- it just doesn't work !!

 Screenshot 2018-11-06 at 13.12.06.pngScreenshot 2018-11-06 at 13.12.28.png

We need to have the ability to set a specific thumbnail image 'independently' of the images used in the new article page.

We cannot specify the thumbnail image in news articles,  it is decided for us by sharepoint - this is a real problem for content managers !!

i.e.  sharepoint will set the thumbnail image to be the same as the 'first' custom image it finds in the news article. This is a real problem because quite often we need to select different images because of the difference in aspect ratio.  eg what works at thumbnail ratio doesn't always work at the super-wide header ratio.



In order for me to use this image for the thumbnail...

Screenshot 2018-11-06 at 13.12.06.png 

...I have to use it as the header image in the news article page.

But it simply doesn't work in this ratio format.


Screenshot 2018-11-06 at 13.12.28.png


We need the ability to set a specific thumbnail image independently of the image used in the new article page.



@Toby Hallam - actually, if you click Page details, you'll see the option in the right pane to select a Thumbnail photo. That photo will appear in the News rollup.

However, I cannot display the image in the CQWP. 


what if you dont see the change image option?? is that a site setting? @Melissa Liston 

Thanks for the pointer @Melissa Liston , however I dont see that option.  'Change Thumbnail' is missing from the the right hand panel.   And in true Microsoft style, one problem leads to another,... Every time I open the 'Page Details' panel the whole page locks up and crashes.


Same thing. Can't change the thumbnail. Is it only for some releases?

@mwfishel, you may need to enable the Publishing feature.  

@Toby Hallam Have you seen any update on this issue? I was able to change thumbnails earlier this week but now the change button is gone.

@jeremylacey  I have just had the same problem as you; This morning my "change thumbnail" was working, and it has mysteriously disappeared for SOME pages only.

@kiwi-neil I've had this issue recur randomly, and resolve randomly.  From what I can tell, it seems to be related to a Power Automation (formerly known as Flow) that manages our customized Approval workflow.  I contacted Microsoft on this, but they have PA/Flow in a separate team, and they were unable to fix the problem in the original team I was assigned to.  I am guessing that there is something in the Flow that steps on the news articles, because they are also not displaying in date order in the default News page.  Sorry I don't have better news for you.

I don't know if this is still relevant but, I figured out a work around.
You have to select the "image and title" layout. Once you've done that you can navigate to the page details and change the thumbnail. Then you return to the layout and choose the "plain" to just have a text title. It keeps the thumbnail but doesn't require you to have the image in the title!



@Edvard Wikström