Bug in Microsoft Lists Edit View Filter Logic


I'm trying to edit a view to display only time critical project items in a list to easily show task priorities. The issue I'm having is even when A and B filter conditions are true (conditions labeled in image below), the corresponding list item doesn't appear in the view.  Written out, I'd expect the logic to be evaluated as such:


If A and B or C and D




If C and D are true for a list item, it appears in the view, but as mentioned, that isn't the case when A and B are true. I created a separate view with only A and B, and the items matching A and B conditions did appear in that view. This looks like a bug to me, but I'd be happy for someone to tell me my reasoning is flawed.


I'm also at a loss for a workaround. Played around with the filtering capabilities of lists for a while and found them to be somewhat limited. Using filters in a view is the only way I can find to show item statuses being evaluated against multiple relative timing conditions. Any ideas on a different way to do this?

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