BUG: Hub Site no longer displaying newly published news from associated site

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As of July 1st or so, our hub site is not displaying newly published news articles from associated sites.  It  does, however, display news articles from associated sites published prior to July 1st.  


News published after July 1st (or thereabouts) in an associated site is not visible from:

The associated hub site

SharePoint Mobile App - News tab

SharePoint Mobile App - Hub Site homepage


It is visible from:

SharePoint Home

The associated site's homepage



I have tried:

  • Disassociating and re-associating the associated site to the hub site
  • Unpublishing and republishing the page on the associated site
  • Different browsers
  • Multiple users
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I know they supposedly rolled out a fix for this, but maybe they broke something in the process? I don't think I've had subhub sites that have posted any news to know better since July 1st, I need to go post one.

Can you check to see if maybe you have the new filter version of the news webpart? Or screenshot your hub news webpart settings pane? I use the "Selected Sites" for my news and it's working, what if you use that does it rollup the new articles?
Christopher, great point! I was using "All Sites in the Hub" so I tried the "Selected Sites" and checked only the site I knew published news in the last week or two. It's still not showing the most recent news post but is showing older ones.

That was worth a try, though and might help MS narrow down the issue.
Seems almost like your search indexer has stopped working all together thou as well. Can you "Search" for the news articles in the search box?
Another good point! Yes If I search my Hub Site I do see the news article right away even before I hit 'Enter'.

Given that I seem to have the same issue (Hub news rollup not working), how does one check to see if search indexer IS working? This might also relate to another issue I'm having where search isn't returning itesm from a SharePoint list; either in-place or from the home page search.

@Meg Simmons

I just created 5 sites and a hub site and connected them this week. I am able to see news from sites.  Is this issue resolved for you?

I have a similar problem. I have three sites that are associated with my hub site. The news published on site 1 pop up in the hub, but sites 2 and 3 cause trouble. When I publish a news article on site 2, it shows on the hub site until I publish a news article on site 3. Site 1 news are always displayed but sites 2 and 3 it's either one or the other. I havent' been able to resolve this issue.  I have "all sites in the hub" selected in the news web part and even when I change this to "selected sites" and select all three associated sites, the situation is the same.

@mnnlt Hello. I have the same issue. Do you have any information on the resolution?

@davidcano It looks like the issue has been resolved without any actions from my part. I am not quite sure though, because lately news have been published on only two sites and these do come up on the homepage in the News web part. But in the news feed (see all) I have older news articles listed from all sites in the hub.

@mnnlt Hello all, I have the same issue since last week. News from associated pages don't get synced to our hubsite. Do you guys still have this problem and is there a solution/update from Microsoft on this fix? Thanks and have a nice week ahead!

Did anyone in your tenants use the siteswap command and change the default root site to something else?

@chor1 I have this problem too! This is a REAL problem and must be addressed NOW! Our entire intranet depends on this functionality. Does anyone know why this is happening?

@Maggan WåhlinI have same problem too. I tried to reproduce the issues in two different tenants (my client tenant and developer tenant). Both tenants have the same issues. In my case, I have a hub site with 3 associated sites. I tried to select both "All Sites in the Hub" and "Selected Site" options in the news web part. It worked only at the first time. I also tried:

  • Disassociating and re-associating the associated site to the hub site
  • Unpublishing and republishing the page on the associated site
  • Reindex hub site, associated site, the site page library in hub site and associated site


Please help if someone know the solution. Thanks a lot!!

Just configured a new hub with associated sites and this problem is still there...

OF COURSE this has been a bug for four years; wish I had found this article earlier. I've had a ticket open with Microsoft for SIX MONTHS on this, and the tech has literally just been emailing me twice a week for the past few months only to tell me each time, "I just want to let you know that I am continuously pinging our escalated case, I will update you once we get an update from our internal team." Just going to add this to my ever-growing pile of issues that'll likely never be fixed.

@mgudites1 this will be no help I know but it's not a universal problem: the news posts from our associated posts flow up to the hub site with no problem.


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OVER two years in and still no solution to this. Why not simply remove the News webpart from the hubsite and make clear to all admins that it's not available?