BUG? Hero Webpart's first Tile's image is always blurry/poor quality

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Good day everybody,
For a long time I've had a problem with the Hero web part and am more and more convinced now that it's a bug:


The image of the first or large left tile is always blurred or of poor quality, as if it appears in a smaller tile. See example below.


I have tried various file formats (jpeg, png, bmp), tried out all aspect ratios according to BestGuide (4: 3, 16: 9) - without success. I tried everything from 1024x768 to 3036x768....


When I edit the web part and click on "Republish", the big tile appears sharp. As soon as I do a browser refresh (F5), it will appear blurry. 


This error appears is independent of tenant, users, browser, and browser.


It also makes no difference whether I used "auto-selected" or "custom image" and select the image by drag-and-drop or from the document library of the page.


The example image below has a resolution of 72dpi with 1880x1230 pixels


If it is not a bug and the fault lies with me, I urge you for help.


Thank you!




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Hello everybody,
could someone possibly help me here?
The problem still exists

Thank you and have a nice day

@Collab-Constructor_93 same issue here! Did you find a solution for this?

Two or three days later, I created a second Hero Webpart on top of my existing one, put the same images and the top Hero Webpart had good resolution (Even after refresh), so I deleted the original Hero Webpart with the blurry picture. That fixed it for me... Worth a try IMO.



This is STILL occurring. Tried starting over with a new hero web part, but no luck. The rest of the images on the hero and other web parts are so crisp that this is really noticeable.