Bringing Infopath Forms and workflows from On-prem Sharepoint to Microsoft Teams

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We have a customer who is using Sharepoint On-Prem and they have been using Infopath forms to collect data for some business processes which are stored in lists for eg. New Material Acceptance Checklist, New Product Request,Customer Complaint Form, Customer Complain Report. Couple of the forms also allow users to upload attachments as well. Some of the forms require approvals, so the user is able to save a draft of the filled form and when they are ready to submit after submission it is forwarded to upper management for approval. Now the customer is exploring how to bring these workflows into teams for their users utilizing their O365 licenses. As Microsoft has said that Infopath will be depreciated in 2026 and the replacement or next step forward is Powerapps.

My team and I tried to bring one of the workflows of the customer into a Powerapps canvas app with a Sharepoint list to store the data and its taking a lot of time as well as effort to recreate the form from scratch. As there is no direct migration tool or solution available to bring these Infopath forms into powersapps we are trying to explore if there is any other better and faster way to achieve this so that we may deploy this solution as quickly and as best for the customer. One suggested solution that we came across is to pin the Sharepoint app in teams as a tab/app, is this feasible and will it work as their Sharepoint environment is on-prem? Please suggest any better and faster ways you may know to achieve this.

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