Breaking Inheriting Permissions and creating groups

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Hello everyone, I am trying to control access to folders from specific user. So I created a library and "stopped inheriting permissions", my plan was to create groups with different access levels and add different users within. But as I was about to do this, I ran into an issue, I realized that groups are created at the site level and because of this, the groups will also have access to the other Libraries I have within the same site...which is something I do not want and is risky. The only option I see so far is to add individual users into the Library and then restrict each folder to each user individually. But the issue is that this will not work in the long run. Is there any other way to do this that anyone is aware of?

Thank you all.

The image below shows I am only able to a



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@cris2021 If you have created SharePoint groups just for this requirement, you can remove group permissions from site level OR remove other permissions & just grant Limited access at site level. This way, users will not have access to other lists/libraries.


Then you can grant Read/Edit/Full control permissions to groups on particular lists/libraries/folders as per your requirements. This should work for you.

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Hi ,
have you tried Power Automate ? i think you can build up a simple flow to do this for you.
i personally did not try for Folder permission, but i did for Item in List. i revoke the access for that specific item and then grant access to a specific user/group. the logic should be same somehow.

@ganeshsanap Thank you, but every time I create permissions at the site level, it trickles down to all Libraries within. I am trying to create group permissions for one specific Library only without them getting applied to my other Libraries

I never considered this, did you create an automatic flow? And how did you start this to manage this? I am really interested in trying this.