Break logo inheritance in subsites - Get Initial Letters in subsite logos

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Hello folks,


Today I have experienced some particular issue regarding our subsite's logos. Yesterday all my subsites had their logo as the initials of each subsite, which is fine for us, but today I noticed that all logos changed to our root site collection logo, which is also the initial letter of this site.


When I tried to change the logo back in - Site Settings -->"Look and Feel"--> "Title, description, and logo" - it saves, but right after it reverse the logo to the main site where all subsites are sitting under. This issue is extended to theme of each subsite, but surprisingly a few subsites still kept their theme, most of them not.


I also noticed that the main site logo was modified this morning at 6am by the "System Account", which also I don't know that much about: 



Has anybody faced the same issue before? I just wanted my ordinary initial letter's logo in all my subsites back :( 

(and of course change the theme for these subsites).

***Just a reminder that it isn't a hub or communication site, all of them are team sites.



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