Boolean value automatically set on first version of item

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In the version history, we see that one of our site columns (Boolean type) has a value automatically set after uploading (version 0.1 of item). 


We use the same solution for different SharePoint Online sites and this field is always left blank. For example, when we upload on other sites - in version history, version 0.1 is empty, values are set only in version 0.2. In this one case, it is the only field in version 0.1 that is set to its default value from the content type (Yes), and then changed in version 0.2 with a value provided by us (No). We have tested this using Graph, drag and drop - we got the same results.


Why does this column behave differently than any other Boolean column in our solutions? Is there a way to change it?

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@mszorc versions 0.1 and 0.2 etc are draft versions. What happens if you actually publish a version 1.0?


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In the SharePoint version history we only see version 1.0 with all parameters set correctly, but we also extract the version history using the Graph api, which also gives us minor versions. This data must be consistent across all versions.