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I wonder if anyone can help:

I've set up a modern Site Collection in SharePoint Online with a Comms Site as the primary Site. One of my colleagues subsequently asked for a Blog Site to be incorporated, so I set up a sub-site using the Classic Blog Site template. Now they are requesting basic usage stats/analytics for the Blog Subsite.

I can't find any information about sourcing usage reports for this particular set-up; as the Blog Site is a Subsite, and is a Classic template, there is no Usage Reports option, nor will the Site Collection Search Settings reveal anything related to this Site..

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.


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Instead of using a sub-site, use another communication site. You can delete everything on the home page except for the News web part, which you will use for blog posts. You can roll those posts in to the primary site with a News web part. You will get the same usage data on the blog site as the main site. You don’t want to use sub sites in a modern intranet experience.

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Hi Susan


Many thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately they've been using the Blog site for quite a while now and only recently decided they would like some analytics.

I did recommend at the time keeping everything in the modern experience but I seem to remember they liked the management features of the old blog - e.g. choosing a date for automatic publishing, simple moderation features and so on.
Is there any way to enable analytics on a Blog Subsite in Office Online?

If not, I will just convince them to port everything over to News, as suggested.

@Conan McDonnell Most of those features - including scheduling publishing and commenting on pages - are available in modern communication sites. Have you looked in Site Settings for the blog site to see what classic usage data is available? There used to be some data in SharePoint 2013 (Popularity Trends), which is where that legacy template comes from (I think).