Block OneDrive mysite (with data storage) - change administrator of site

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My organisation decided to block OneDrive for Business in Office 365 E1. We managed to change this setting in sharepoint admin panel (block MySite creation), and it works for new users that does not have a mysite, but all users that previously had a site can access OneDrive based on theirs permission.


Workaround that we found was to take away theirs permission as Site Collection Administrator.

But we have 1000+ profiles to change, and it needs to be changed one by one.


Is there a way to make it globally with few clicks or maybe SPO shell?


Or maybe my apprach is bad, and I should change other settings?

I just noticed that taking away those permissions solve all problems.

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And also,


If I change site administrator to one person is it possible to revert this action later? Or will I need to change owners site by site.