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Hello all,


we have list for colleagues, which need to travel outside there homecountry. They have announce a travel at least 10 before the starting date.

In our list we have the travel starting date and the "entry created on" date. We want to block the entry if the two dates are less than 10 days away from each other.



Travel start date 24.01.2023, entry created on: 02.01.2023 = entry can be saved

Travel start date 24.01.2023, entry created on: 20.01.2023 = entry cant be saved and the employee must contact HR


Is this possible in a sharepoint list?




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Hello @ErikKohler


you can use a column validation to check the travel start date. Configure your column and add an validation:



In your entry it looks like this:




Kudos to @ganeshsanap for more information:


Best, Dave

Thank you Dave, this helps me a lot.


@David Mehr Thanks for the mention David. Happy to hear that my solution helped OP @ErikKohler 

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