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We  built outlook 365 share point portal  wherein we need block downloading ( ppt) where as the Read access allows to download . Restricted view is not allowing to access the site and it ask for access . How do i block the download through front end rather preventing from the remote setting. Pl suggest how do i control through permission level shown below to prevent the downloading ?




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Hi @aravind_c ,


I have a question for you - Would you like to download only one file? Or just the site? Or for the entire SharePoint site in your tenant?

Hello @Adin_Calkic 

We have constructed web  page like this .





If you click inside product  ( say example) , 




When I provide the  Read option , it  is allowing   to access all the pages  + also downloading  the ppt ..  But for some users, I need to restrict them from down loading  the ppt or any other file  but they need to view  all the contents & pages ..How do I do this through permission level  for some users .


Hi @aravind_c ,


In your case, I would deploy Conditional Access with Session Control and block downloads. You can block whoever you want individually. To implement this, you'll need Premium P1. If your users have Business Premium, that will do. Check here details, and youtube video is on how it looks like to deploy and on users side: Protect with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Conditional Access App Control | Microsoft Docs


Please see here: Restrict user file downloads in SharePoint - YouTube 


It's important to note that when it comes to SharePoint permissions, you can grant Site permissions read access, but library permissions can be set to Restricted view. Also when doing this, it's important to remove targeted user from SharePoint site membership, because you are going to assign individual permissions.


1. At site level, you assign read permission to targeted user.



2. Now select Document library (where your documents are) to go Settings > Library settings. Click on Permissions for this Document library.




Click on Grant permissions and assign permissions. Make sure that you remove inherited permissions for your targeted users from the site level.


That should do the trick, but the best option is to use CA policy.


Good luck.