Blank fields when editing an existing list element

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Please, I need someone's help. I have several lists in different sharepoint that worked as expected until a few days ago.


Since then, when I try to edit an existing element in any list (I get the same result regardless I'm just a member or an admin), all the fields appear empty (as you can see in the following image), and if I click save they really update to blank.



Yesterday I ask another member of one of these sharepoint to check if he also gets the same behaviour, but for him it works fine.


Does anyone know what my problem could be?


Thanks in advance.


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I totally agree
same for us > I have a ticket opened @Pernille-Eskebo
and I confirm that we have no issue with lists not synchronized ! thanks
Ok, Thank you.
Waiting for Microsoft feedback.
The only workaround I see for the moment is to switch to classic view and edit the list item there.
In this way no data are updated with blank fields.
I also have an opened case with Microsoft. I talked to them yesterday. I ll keep you posted.

We found an easier turn around.
When you open the pane where the fields are empy, clic on copy link and open it in antoher tab.
Then it works.
Same situation for me, except that I'm not using Power Automate at all for my 3 SharePoint Lists. Can't wait for a resolution from Microsoft!

Hi Guys,

after endless discussion with Microsoft support (asking to extact logs every 5 days...), I finally found a way to fix this display issue for my lists


as explained above it was linked to the synchronization

try to go to your list settings > advanced settings 

and then try to deactivate the authorization to download element of your list when disconnected

sorry it's in French




after moving this parameter to No, all our lists impacted by this issue were working (with just a ctrl+F5)


Hope it will help !



I still need to investigate why these lists have been suddenly synchronized, when others have not

this is clearly related to recent updates
Hi to all,

I've noticed that without doing anything at all, my lists work perfectly now in teams and in chrome...

Anyone else?
currently looks good on edge too
Yes, in my case (in all my company) my list works perfectly too without any action.
Good news, but bad news too

then may be my change was just done at the same time the issue has been fixed
but it means we may experience the same issue again next month when applying new patches...

Same for me, all my list works fine without any modifications from me. Let's hope it will stay like this this time...

Worked for me thanks!
It started working for us as well. Microsoft Support says they did not do anything on their end.

I had this same issue, and I discovered that the problem was that I had items grouped by date (I suspect the same issue occurs if you have any grouping on any column). As soon as I ungrouped the column, I found I could then click on individual items and see all the details. I hope this is helpful!