Best way to document important Emails (including attachments) in SharePoint?


Hello Community, is there a good way to document decisions or other important messages in Email format (*.msg) in SharePoint Online? 

The current problem we face is that when saving an Email message (*.msg) in a SharePoint Online library the built-in viewer only shows the message but does not support to open attachments. There is also nothing like "Open in app" which would open it in Outlook. 


Any idea how to solve this use case the best way? 

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Hi @Alexander Auras - you could consider sending emails to a OneNote that's stored on SharePoint - we create a 'comms' section in every project notebook and save emails to it - the attachments are linked to on the page. You could also consider sending them to a Channel in Teams - the text will be visible as a post, with the link visible, and the message and attachment get saved in a folder (which technically lives on SharePoint)

@Alexander Auras 
First of all, uploading emails to SharePoint is best done using Chrome or Edge because they allow drag and drop directly from Outlook to SharePoint. 
Viewing the emails in msg format
OOTB this is indeed not possible. There are 3rd party apps that allow previewing of msg files in the browser (e.g. here) and allow opening of the attachments.
The apps may also provide additional functionality, e.g.
- extract the email metadata and then capture the values into SharePoint columns. This allows for sorting, building views and searching effectively.
- upload emails with a unique name
- select a document in Sharepoint and directly attach it to a new email
- set custom metadata
See for a list with vendors active in this space.

@Alexander Auras using a flow in Power Automate, with the HTML to Text action you could get the text content of the email message and save that to the SharePoint list along with the date & time of receipt, the sender and the subject.


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@Kelly_Edinger@Paul de Jong@RobElliott 1000x thanks to you! The OneNote approach is a very interesting approach for a simple gathering of decisions for a Team. Also the PowerAutomate and 3rd party approach sound promising. I'll look into all three of them, i think. 


Again, thank you very much for your valuable input :)