Best way to display who is on call through sharepoint

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I have an on call rota that shows who is on call for the following week and their contact information. 

It is currently compiled manually and emailed out every time there is a change made (which is a lot as this covers multiple departments). 


I want to make a way of displaying who's on call at any given time. My original thought was a sharepoint list with each role as a different row and editing a person column that's covering that role. But this would mean it would need to be updated as and when the person changes. A lot of the schedules are known in advance (e.g. I know person A will be on call mon-wed and person B thu - sun). I dont want to have to edit it on Thur morning, i would like to enter it all in on the Monday. Some rotas are set from the beginning of they year. But last minute changes may need to be made. 


I imagine i would need some sort of calendar feeding into the sharepoint list but this is where my knowledge on Sharepoint runs out. Is there any way of doing this? I have had a look at Microsoft shifts and it doesnt really cover what i want it to. Also, as mentioned before, this will cover multiple departments, most of which i am not an 'owner' of so i couldnt add them to the shift.


Any help is appreciated. 


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@samdavidson You are right about Calendar. You can create a separate calendar for each department with schedules and use Calendar overlays to display information for a particular week. Check this article

Thats really helpful thanks.
Is there a way to have stored events for these calendars?
Each event will be a person on call and their contact information. People wont want to type out that information each time someone is on call.

Thanks again