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It seems the only option for allowing anyone with the link sharing is to enable it for the entire site and that becomes the default option. I'd like the default to be only people within the organization, but to have either a specified document library or link to a sharing site where people can easily share external documents without having the recipient verify identity. What's the best practice for something like this? 

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Hello @gavinarblaster 


you need to set the external sharing policy to "anyone" on your site, where you want to create links for anyone. As default you can set "only people in your organization", both you can set on site level in your SharePoint admin center in M365. For additional security, you can set an expiration date of anyone links in your admin center or a guest expiration date on your site level.


After the settings you can share a folder or documents with anyone.


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Have a look at sensitivity labels for containers. You can use those after you have configured the default SharePoint org. settings in the admin center.

These are the great options:

-Privacy (public or private) of teams sites and Microsoft 365 groups
-External user access
-External sharing from SharePoint sites
-Access from unmanaged devices
-Authentication contexts (in preview)
-Default sharing link for a SharePoint site (PowerShell-only configuration)
-In preview: Site sharing settings (PowerShell-only configuration)

Also notice that the default site sharing settings depend on the site type

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