Best JS framework(Angular/React/Vue) to use in SharePoint 2013

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We have tools (Basically CRUD operations in multiple lists across sites/site collections. Handles large amount of data and has lots of business functionalities/logic) that were built using jQuery and Datatables.js. We are planning to rebuild in 2013. Visual Studio/ server side coding is not allowed.

Can anyone suggest which JavaScript framework (Angular Js1.x, Angular 2+, React, Vue/ Others) is best to use in SharePoint 2013?

Difficult to get Node.JS/NPM/CLI on DEV environment. we have tried a PoC in Angular 4 using SystemJs-Manual mapping concept. But not sure how bundling and future upgrade will be if CLI/NPM is not used.

Any suggestions please?



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In a general sense, the SharePoint product group has embraced React when we look at the newer frameworks. It doesn't prevent you from using another framework, though.

Ultimately this will come down to a question of what is most comfortable for you to use as well as if there are any dependencies that require a specific framework.

Is there no way you can do a Provider Hosted Addin? That at least gets you C# options via CSOM.