Back to the Basics - How Is SharePoint Utilizing IIS? Sites Stopped Still Work

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Hello, Everybody. 


I'm somewhat new to SharePoint administration but for the past year and a half I've been deploying new sites and digging in to some more advanced aspects of the system.


However, today I was surprised when one of my SharePoints sites that was in a stopped state in IIS continued to function.  Then I tested on another site and got the same results.  This made me realize I must be missing something about the SharePoint architecture and how it utilizes IIS.


A few details...


I have around 15 sites.  Some are marked to require SNI, and some are not.  All run on ports 80 and 443 with a redirect rule in place.  The two sites I tested by stopping both require SNI.  


Why is it the site can continue to load for the clients when the site is stopped in IIS?  What am I missing? 


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