Back button is possible in sharepoint?

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Hi, hope all are doing well.
Is back button is possible in sharepoint? My requirement is to move to the last visited page of the user.
Is any back button is available in the sharepoint where I need to move to the last visited page?
Please help me to find the solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Not with out of the box features, but it could be possible with a custom Dev. I'm thinking here in a SharePoint Framework extension that allows to control that navigation based on user last visited page

Hi @bhavaM,

unfortunately, there is no such button that moves you back in the browser's history. (Except that one that is already build into your browser)

You can do two things:


1) If it kind of clear where the user came from, then you can add a static button to that page, that always redirects you to the same parent page. (So "Back to Main Menu" instead of just "Back"). Perhaps you can re-structure your sites that way. 

2) If you really need to go back in the  the browser's history, then you need to create a new SPFX webpart ( that contains a button that onclick calls "javascript:history.back()"

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