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I work for a consulting firm that needs to automate the ff

1, Onboarding & Offboarding

2. Leave request

3, Customer service - complaints , satisfaction, renewal reminders

4. Internal document approvals

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@majorlonadek Hi, is there a specific question that you have?

I need the flow for the list in my post
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@majorlonadek there won't be just one flow, I think you would need as a minimum one flow for each of those items and it's probably 7 flows in total plus Sharepoint lists and so on. Each item in your list is probably not too difficult to build a a list and flow for, but it's potentially a lot of work and not something we could really provide the steps for in a forum post when you've provided very few details.


I think you need to start to get familiar with Power Automate, and particularly how it works with SharePoint lists (I always prefer to work with SharePoint lists as my data source & repository), and start with just one item on your list, maybe a flow to handle customer complaints. Then as you get more confident build it up from there.


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