Automatically updating SharePoint list project completion

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Hi All,


I'm fairly new to SharePoint, and my organization is looking to use the system to track multiple projects at a high level.

I've created a list that has a '% Completion' column. I want this column to be automatically updated based on an uploaded connection list to Planner. i.e., if I mark two tasks as complete, I want the other list to update to reflect this.


Is there any way to do this? Or, is there a way to use a lookup column and pull the average % completion, rather than a selection of the % complete of each task?



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@alvarado123 the SharePoint list cannot lookup data from Planner. You'll need to build a flow in Power Automate that when a task is marked as complete in Planner it updates a column in the list.


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Thanks, @Rob_Elliott


The problem I'm facing with flows is that we have multiple projects, with multiple Planner files, and I'm unsure how to match Planner A with Project Entry A, Planner B with Project Entry B, etc. Is there a way to create a dynamic pull that matches name of Planner file to name of list in SharePoint?