Automatically Sync Sharepoint Libraries in onedrive

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Hey everyone

i have a client moving away from Box to sharepoint/onedrive for their file system, one handy feature of box was that all they had to do was open the box app, sign in and it would sync everything they had access to. im looking for a way to impliment this (if possible) with sharepoint and onedrive. we are creating all the document libraries for them, but would be good if there is something we an utilize so all they need to do is sign in, they are a full Azure site no onsite Domain Controller

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Hi @steventingate ,


When you say "Everything" is that everything in the company to every employee?  


How much data and number of files are you talking about? 


When you say sync do you mean have a copy of all the files on the devices or just the cloud view synced as is default when hitting sync on a library.


There is a way but comes with a load caveats -


What is the business need /scenario to sync everything apart from Box did it?  


The sync client can only handle 300,000 items, after that it slows down computers from constant changes being synced. 

Hi @steventingate . An alternative option is to consider mapping network drives instead of syncing. Either using free scripts and the Microsoft WebClient service, or a commercial tool like Zee Drive you can automatically map users OneDrive files and SharePoint files to network drives. In the case of Zee Drive it is not impacted by the 300k sync client limitation.